Troyke 10" NC-10-BLH360 CNC Rotary Table

Troyke 10" NC-10-BLH360 Rotary Table (CNC 4th/indexer)

Price: $3400 (cash or trade - see details)

Up for sale is one 10" Troyke NC-10-BLH360 CNC rotary table and its matching 7" tailstock.

The table is powered by an Electrocraft E727-38-006 1.1HP (2000oz-in max) DC brushed servomotor with 14V/krpm tachometer, 500ppc (2000ppr in quadrature) encoder, and takes 80V for 2400rpm (no load). I'm driving it with an AMC 30A8 servo amplifier (not included, but I could be persuaded to throw one in.)

I have complete specs on the motor from Electrocraft, drawings (original blueprints) of this table, and since I've hooked it up to my machine, I can provide the information you'll need to do the same.

The tailstock is not a Troyke, but is matched to the exact 7" center of the table, and is a superb specimen. Both table and tailstock are keyed for a 11/16" T-slot (IIRC - I'll have to measure, if you need to know.)

The unit, though not obvious from the pictures, is still connected to my machine and in fully operational condition. I've just moved it off my table to make room for a job I'm doing right now. Inside, the worm and gear are in excellent condition and it is full of fresh oil, but the outside paint job or (lack thereof) admittedly looks like crap. I could paint it up, but then I'd have to double the price :-)

The table is extremely rugged and rigid. The load capacity of this table is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300lbs (obviously, at 90 degrees) so it will easily accommodate a smaller Haas 160 or their 5C indexer if you want a 5th axis.

I have recently bought a smaller table that serves my purposes and doesn't weigh down my machine.

The table is 200lbs (estimated), the tailstock is at least 30. Figure 275lbs for shipping, and I will ship by freight to anywhere. Local pickup is also possible.

I would also consider trading this table for an automatic feed horizontal saw, MIG welder (depends on type), 3D printer, or modern 14x30 or 16x40 gap-bed lathe. On the lathe, certain conditions apply - I need wide range imperial and metric threading capacity with minimal or no changing of back gears. Nardini Mascote M51640 is a perfect example of this.

Please contact us for further details.

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