Welcome to WALKER TECH

Effective Monday, January 25th, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM,

Walker Tech Manufacturing is Ceasing Operations

I've been working two jobs since 2006. Long at last, due to culmination of events ranging from fewer Spinny-Doo sales, saving by reducing insurance premiums, not enough time spent with family or on my own well being, an increased interest in machining my own personal projects, and simply wanting to change the pace, I have decided to shut down Walker Tech Manufacturing and retire.

I will continue machining, but as a hobby/pastime only. I will keep the walker-tech domain for now since my rent is paid on it until next January, but I will soon transform this site to make it hobby-centric, featuring a project blog, plus a little area for buying/selling/trading tools with my fellow local machinists.

I would like to thank everyone I've ever worked with for trust you placed in me and the experience I've gained as a result.