Get an Estimate

We want repeat orders and volume work to keep our machines busy. We will go to great lengths to win your loyalty if repeat/volume work is on the table.

If you have a prototype or production part you want to have manufactured and are ready for volume production, we will be happy to bid on your project. We produce quality, precision parts and work closely with you on requirements and expectations. We'll handle your small production runs and get it done for you.

We provide both manual and CNC milling/lathe services, limited precision grinding for flat and cylindrical parts, and some MIG/TIG welding. We can weld, but we're not a big shop set up specifically for welding.

While we would love to make one or two parts for prototyping projects, the reality is that we run regular work on our equipment and can't stop for very small jobs. Certain minimums are required depending on size, complexity, cost, but as a general guideline:

- Min order quantity 100 pcs
- Max capacity, 500 pcs monthly*

Send us your drawings and pricing expectations for evaluation. Please export your drawing or CAD model to PDF format. Drawing must have dimensions, tolerances, material type, surface finish, coatings, etc. specified.

- You get what you pay for. You want quality work? Quality, precision and attention to detail cost more.
- As quantities get larger, and especially with repeat jobs, our efficiency goes up and prices comes down.
- Beware - other shops may underbid, then take longer than estimated or raise the price after "discovering complications".
- Don't ask for tolerances you don't need - use as few decimal places wherever possible.
- Assume milled finishes unless you specify a finished surface spec
- We supply material so that if we scrap a part, it's our responsibility to replace the material. If you supply material, provide 5% (one or two extra parts) to cover yield just to be safe.
- Depending on complexity and tolerances we may order up to 5% (one or two extra parts) more material to cover yield, but if we don't scrap the parts, we get to sell them to you and you get to buy them! Win-win.
- Please don't just ask for a quote. Give us an idea of the price you're expecting so we know if we're even in the ballpark. Quotes take time/effort and we don't like to quote on shill jobs*.

*We don't have a bar feeder, so monthly volume is limited to time divided by part fab time. Example: Parts that machine 5 ~ 10 minutes, qty 500 / mo. max. Parts under 5 min each, 1000 month max.
†Shill jobs are when someone calls around to get additional quotes from other shops so they can coerce a lower estimate from a supplier they've already selected, or when a competing shop wishes to verify their own estimate is in line with market expectations.

Call for details and estimate.