Buy/Sell/Trade Tools

Part of my hobby is buying tools so I can increase my skills and accuracy. In doing so, I end up with tools surplus to my needs.
Since I am always buying/selling/trading tools, I have built a not-for-profit website where I can list what I have for sale/trade and
the tools I would be interested in buying or trading for.

You can visit my tool catalog at

If you have something you want to trade that is on my wish-list, please contact me. If you have something that you want to sell
but it is not on my wish-list, send me an email with Make, model, photos, and a price, and I will consider it.

The website is not a commercial offering - I do not make a profit on tools I buy/sell/trade. I am merely trading at surplus market
prices (often less than market prices) so I can trade up for tools I actually need. Having said that, I did pay for the tools I am
selling, and they are priced so I break even.