3-Phase DC Brushless Motor Components

3-Phase DC Brushless Motor Components - Spindle and End Caps.

"Aerospace" parts requiring compound angles and high-tolerance interference fits on bearing surfaces
7075 Aluminum
Each set has three part numbers: "Spindle", "Wing Cap", and "Prop Cap" (motor end caps)

These motor parts are part of an aerospace project. I am permitted to show photographs of the work, but I cannot describe the purpose other than they are elements of a 3-phase Brushless DC motor measuring 100mm diam x 60mm length producing nearly 15 HP continuous and 25HP peak @ 7000 RPM.

These parts require tolerances of +/- 0.00039 (0.01mm) for the interference-fit bearing seat surfaces which proved time consuming during the first production run having been done on a manual lathe. Our second run using our new CHNC-I maintained these toleranaces easily and held them consistently across the entire run.

Most of the photos are of test pieces, or taken during test operations. We try not to photograph or film during production as it distracts and creates errors. We learned the hard way after mis-aligning the rotary table on the very first piece. We stopped filming for the most part after that little error.

We've gone on to produce batches as large as 120 sets of components, anticipating further batches of 100 per month when the customer gets production into full swing. Our CHNC-1 can handle the volume, but the second-ops are too many and too long to reasonably handle the volume. To make up for that, we'll be upgrading to a 3-axis lathe to reduce the sum of all operations to under one month.

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